Let's start by making some changes to the way we handle things first.

There are THREE MEN wrongfully FACING drug trafficking FELONIES (Over Hemp) in Idaho.

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Andrew D'Addario

Employee of Lazarus Naturals (HQ Seattle, WA)

Denis Palamarchuk

Employee of VIP Transport (HQ Portland, OR)

Erich Eisenhart

Employee of Lazarus Naturals (HQ Seattle, WA)

Once upon a time...

We came close

In 2015 Idaho came close to CBD Legislation with S1146a attempting to change the old law of .00% to .03% total concentration of THC in plants to be deemed “marihuana” but failed to make it past the Governor. If this had passed in its time we would not be having the issue of incarcerating and incriminating normal people who are just doing a legal job as we are today. 

today, we can change...

Green State needs you!

Idaho remains one of the few states where industrial hemp is illegal according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, with 41 states having passed legislation legalizing the plant. All states that border Idaho have legalized hemp creating a major added cost to our infrastructure that is unneeded and unjust.

We now have the opportunity to take a step in the right direction and undo the wrongs currently being done to these men who are/were just working their job. To put these people through the agony of becoming a criminal with a felony on their record for doing what their boss told them is unconscionable. We have the ability right now to make an exemption to current law releasing these people from their accusations of wrong doing.


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