Green State Consulting:

"We believe the human element gets lost in legislation but we are here to change that."

We have an emergency proposal for the current legislature of Idaho surrounding the employees of Federal and State Legal Hemp Companies. Hemp and its derived products are no longer on the Schedule of Controlled Substances, and as such the employees working for farms that produce hemp and its derivatives directly or indirectly through other companies such as consulting, growing, logistics, management, security, shipping, and others should be protected while Idaho creates its own regulated market for hemp.

Senate Bill S.2667 specifically addresses a part of this issue by stating:


Nothing in this Act authorizes interference with the interstate commerce of hemp. (as defined in section 297a of the Agriculture Marketing Act of 1946, as added by section 2.)

The disruption to lives and possible classification as a “felon” for working in a regulated and federally legal business model is something we need to fix now.

We can make this happen by adding an amendment to current legislation that would effectively remove the employees of such businesses from harm. We can create a process with which we have a hold of 24 hours to ensure fact-finding time to verify their employment and then we release said employee completely free to go with no charges. Employees would be free to go with their personal belongings. Any vehicles that are detained, provided all product is contained in normal storage areas (IE truck bed, enclosed box truck or commercial truck trailer), shall be returned to employee within the same 24 hour period. If the product is found in areas not made for storage, the vehicle would be held with the product and be cause for deeper investigation. This would make no changes to the agencies involved in policing through punishment and the happenings after this with the product and legality of the companies involved would then be decided by the correct agencies and courts as already defined in Idaho Code.

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